TriMet On-Call ESA Services

(Portland, OR)  Landau Associates has provided on-call environmental site assessment (ESA) services to Tri-County Metropolitan Transportation District of Oregon (TriMet) since 2009. To date, we have conducted approximately 100 ESAs in support of the Portland to Milwaukie Light Rail Alignment property acquisition. These have included both Phase I and Phase II ESAs and hazardous building material (HBM) surveys on sites ranging from residential properties to an active industrial property that required special consideration to provide minimal disturbance to ongoing site operations. Performing Phase I ESAs on active properties requires planning and close coordination with the client and the current property owner. In all instances, Landau Associates worked diligently to both meet TriMet’s needs and support their efforts to address property owners’ concerns.

Phase I ESA projects completed include one which involved the collective review and assessment of 13 subject properties; several that have involved non-standard ASTM ESA services at TriMet’s request  (including HBM surveys); sampling for onsite structures; and geophysical surveys to detect underground anomalies.

Based on results and recommendations presented in the Phase I ESAs to date, 25 projects have resulted in follow-on Phase II ESAs. Phase II investigative activities have included groundwater and soil investigation to identify potential subsurface contaminants including metals, PCB, PAHs, and VOCs and confirmation of the presence or absence of heating oil tanks. Detected concentrations are compared to the appropriate DEQ risk-based concentration, default background concentrations, and clean fill criteria, as applicable. ESA findings are summarized and reported in a timely manner to provide TriMet with the information they require to proceed with their property acquisition decisions.

Photo 1: Trimet