Water Resources

Landau Associates delivers creative and effective consulting solutions for water resources, water quality, and water rights issues throughout the Northwest.

Landau’s water resources projects are diverse in size and complexity, ranging from routine groundwater monitoring to regional numerical groundwater flow model development to watershed-level streamflow restoration activities. We serve a varied mix of clients, which includes conservation districts, local and state government agencies and utilities, engineering and architectural design consultants, irrigated agriculture, industry, and law firms. We are known for our technical credibility, creative problem solving, and highly responsive service.

Planning and management is essential to effectively allocate a renewable, but limited water supply. Landau is a leader in responsible and efficient water resource management with the ultimate goal of helping our clients build community and economic infrastructure in an environmentally sustainable way.


  • Basin-Scale Water Resource Planning
  • Instream Flow Analysis
  • Streamflow Restoration
  • Water Rights Portfolio Management & Planning
  • Water Banking
  • Groundwater Modeling
  • Municipal Water Supply
  • Water Rights Brokerage
  • Water Rights Permitting
  • Water Supply Source Approval

Collaborative solutions to water scarcity 

Landau works on behalf of clients to negotiate creative water supply solutions, occasionally in contentious circumstances, when there are multiple demands on a limited water supply. We have the experience working with public interest and third-party water stakeholders (e.g., regulatory agencies, citizen groups, tribes, neighbors) to forge consensus and effectively resolve water rights issues.