Environmental Remediation

Landau Associates has a long history helping our clients successfully navigate the investigation, remediation, and risk management of industrial, commercial, and government sites impacted by environmental contamination.

Landau provides cleanup services on a range of sites including some of the largest Superfund sites in the Northwest, regional contamination, and smaller petroleum or dry cleaner releases. Over four decades of successful implementation of RI/FS, remedial design, and remedial action, Landau has earned a reputation for client collaboration, responsiveness, and quality solutions. Landau has the respect and trust of regulators built on our in-depth understanding of regulations and our history of providing reasonable and protective solutions. We help our clients plan and implement cost-effective strategies for managing contaminated sites and negotiating successful project outcomes with regulators and stakeholders.

“Thank you to the Landau Team for your outstanding, thorough, and professional work on this project for over 7 years. Your project management from start to finish has been exceptional. The site presented unique challenges and was highly scrutinized … but I could count on you to keep the work on track and the client’s interests protected. Your technical expertise, judgement, and ability to translate complex, often sensitive information was a key asset to the project. Our firm and our client couldn’t be more thrilled with the outcome.” 

Mindy L. DeYoung, Moss Adams

Services we offer

  • Remedial investigation &
    feasibility studies (RI/FS)
  • Remedial design & implementation
  • Regulatory strategy & negotiations 
  • Brownfields site redevelopment 
  • Vapor intrusion assessment & mitigation 
  • Storage tank management, assessment & removal 
  • Sediment characterization & management
  • Water quality & contaminant transport analysis 
  • Drinking water sampling, assessment, & mitigation
  • Groundwater modeling
  • Bioremediation
  • Emerging contaminants
  • Expert witness & litigation support

In situ Bioremediation

Landau is an industry leader in design and implementation of enhanced bioremediation for groundwater and soil impacted with various contaminants. Bioremediation involves injection of various substrates to stimulate microbes to degrade contamination in place. Landau was awarded an ACEC Engineering Excellence Award for a large-scale aquifer bioremediation project that used a one-time injection of 140 tons of vegetable oil to clean up a large TCE plume. Experienced Landau injection crews have injected over 3 million gallons on a wide range of bioremediation sites.