Project Details

  • Noise & Vibration


Pacific Raceways


2022 – ongoing


Kent, WA

Team Members

Kevin Warner

Kurt Richman

Shauna Burr

Will Wagner

Pacific Raceways Noise Monitoring 

Landau Associates provides ongoing noise monitoring services for Pacific Raceways in Kent, Washington. Our services include continuous noise monitoring at multiple locations to support permitting conditions issued by King County. Landau staff have been providing environmental noise consulting services for Pacific Raceways for nearly 20 years, including noise assessments, noise monitoring, compliance reporting and expert witness support. Our team’s legacy of work with Pacific Raceways speaks to our quality of work product and dependability.

The Challenge

To fulfill King County’s permit requirements for the facility, Landau installed a system that would continuously monitor ongoing operations at the racetrack while, at the same time, trigger additional recording when construction noise exceeded a certain threshold. This system allowed construction noise to be analyzed separately as needed. Additionally, King County wanted to provide a way for community members to easily access noise-related data online. Landau developed a data dashboard with a public-facing module as well as sections that were only visible for internal data assessment. This tool helped the County and Pacific Raceways answer community questions about noise while also allowing Landau’s noise experts to access the in-depth data needed for their analysis.

In an effort to provide information on noise levels from the raceway to surrounding neighbors, Landau created a publicly accessible data dashboard showing noise level fluctuations throughout the day.

Our Approach

Landau configured and installed a permanent noise monitoring system that would capture sound levels, as well as threshold-triggered audio recordings. The system was designed to operate continuously and remotely, powered by an on-site direct power source. A data dashboard was created that included two separate websites, including both a public-facing dashboard display as well as an internally-accessible dashboard for downloading data and reviewing audio files.

The Solution

The system supports the County’s noise permitting conditions and provides Landau with a streamlined method by which to download, automatically process, and document sound level data. Noise monitoring reports are provided to King County on a monthly basis. The cost to operate the dashboard is substantially lower than readily available products from competitors and inherently improves the efficiencies of our team’s services.

Noise monitoring system at Pacific Raceways