WDFW High Capacity Production Wells

(Multiple Locations, WA)  Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife (WDFW) has numerous high capacity wells that supply hatchery and irrigation operations throughout the State. Landau Associates is assisting WDFW with design, installation, testing and maintenance of high capacity production wells at three of their facilities. The projects all involve developing a set of technical specifications, assisting WDFW with contractor selection and acting as WDFW’s representative throughout project implementation.

For the Cutchie irrigation supply well in northern Okanogan County, Landau Associates recently designed a 1,200 gpm production well. The well site is situated in the Similkameen River valley underlain by highly permeable river alluvium consisting of sand, gravel and cobbles. Landau Associates reviewed existing hydrogeologic and pumping rate data and used that information to prepare a preliminary well design. The preliminary well design was used as the basis for developing technical specifications to solicit contractor bids. Landau Associates assisted WDFW with contractor selection and construction oversight. Based on encountered geologic conditions (i.e., soil gradation curves), we recommended a final well screen design and provided oversight of well development and pumping test data collection and analysis.

For the Columbia Basin Hatchery supply well in Grant County, Landau Associates designed a 750 gpm production well in a basalt aquifer for use in hatchery production. We converted the design into a set of technical specifications and will assist WDFW with contractor bid selection, oversight of well installation, development and testing. We also assisted WDFW with obtaining water rights permits for the project.

For the Kendall Creek Hatchery in Whatcom County, Landau Associates developed a well rehabilitation protocol for three production wells with a combined original capacity of 11,000 gpm. Over the past few decades, the wells have experienced a decline of over 80 percent in specific capacity. The well field is situated in the Nooksack River valley underlain by coarse alluvium of sand, gravel, cobbles and boulders. Landau Associates converted the rehabilitation protocol into a set of technical specifications. Additional work includes well video scanning, well rehabilitation oversight and well testing oversight.