Spanish Castle Resort Water Resources and Water Rights

(Douglas County, WA)  Landau Associates provided technical assistance to support the acquisition and transfer of a water right from Okanogan County to a Master Planned Resort (MPR) in Douglas County, Washington. Landau Associates conducted a literature review of geologic and hydrogeologic information and developed a conceptual model of groundwater flow at each location. A numerical groundwater flow model was also developed to model historical pumping scenarios and to calculate the timing and impact of this pumping in Okanogan County on groundwater discharge to the Okanogan River. The results were then used to predict the time delay for the discharge to be available for use in Douglas County once pumping was stopped. The primary technical issues were associated with determining the optimal location of municipal water supply wells that would draw from bank storage of the river (a requirement for the transfer of surface water to groundwater) but far enough away from the river so that the well discharge was not considered groundwater under the direct influence of surface water

The evaluation also included an assessment of the optimal location for water supply wells at the MPR that would draw water from bank storage of the river but not be considered groundwater under the influence of surface water. Landau Associates also assisted with meeting the technical requirements of the Washington Department of Health for a new source approval, including included well construction, aquifer testing, water quality analysis, and transient numerical groundwater flow modeling. As a result of the analyses, the transfer was approved and the necessary water rights were secured to move forward with the development.