Environmental Stewardship

At Landau Associates, protecting and enhancing our natural environment is a high priority. We strive to decrease our impact on the environment in all aspects of our operations. Whether we are at work on our clients’ renewable energy or water quality projects, promoting low-carbon employee transportation options, reusing/recycling materials to the maximum extent practical, or promoting careful fleet maintenance and driving practices—resource conservation and environmental protection are an integral part of our work. 

Energy Conservation and a Goal of Carbon Neutrality We purchase carbon offset credits and renewable energy certificates (RECs) from 3Degrees, Inc.  to offset the effect of carbon emissions that we are unable to eliminate through implementation of  efficient practices, and to support U.S.-based renewable energy projects.

Renewable Energy Projects Landau Associates is an experienced consultant to renewable energy project developers and owners, design and construction teams, and utility managers. We help clients throughout the Pacific Northwest to assess, design, permit, and construct tomorrow’s energy infrastructure–today.

Sustainable Work Practices Consistent with our values and our mission, we work with the intent to improve the quality of the natural environment. We are committed to embedding sustainable practices in project planning and outcomes to reduce energy use, waste, and greenhouse gas emissions during site investigation and cleanup.

EPA-certified Best Workplace for Commuters We have been an EPA-certified “Best Workplace for Commuters” since 2009.

  • The company’s alternative commuting reimbursement policy makes it possible for more people to commute via public transit.
  • Our offices are located near regional public transportation facilities, making it convenient for staff to commute to work via ferry, bus, train, or light rail.
  • Quarterly contests reward employees’ use of alternative modes of transportation such as carpooling, biking, or walking to work, and using mass transit instead of driving a single-occupancy vehicle.
  • Our carpool-matching website/program (based on Google Earth™) assists employees to identify coworkers interested in ride sharing.
  • We prioritize fuel efficiency when making fleet vehicle purchases, and we post fuel-efficiency ratings for each vehicle so that the most fuel-efficient vehicle capable of the project’s needs can be selected and used.

Air and Water Quality In addition to conducting our own annual greenhouse gas inventory, our Air Quality staff prepares air pollutant emissions inventories and provides permitting and engineering services to industrial clients who are committed to reducing their impact on air quality.

Landau Associates is also engaged in sustainable practices and promoting ecologically sustainable waterways through our assistance to clients responsible for stormwater management. We frequently incorporate low-impact development techniques in projects, and have used sustainable products such as compost-amended soil and crushed oyster shells in stormwater treatment media.


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