City of Ashland Aquifer Testing

(Ashland, OR)  Landau Associates assisted Patton Environmental in designing and implementing aquifer testing (i.e. pumping tests) at groundwater wells for the City of Ashland (City). The purpose of the tests was to evaluate yield and determine the feasibility of the wells to provide a potential emergency water supply to the City. 

The City currently relies on water from a local reservoir, Reeder Reservoir, for domestic and fire-fighting water supply. If the reservoir were to be compromised, a secondary source would be necessary to meet residents' needs. Landau Associates and Patton Environmental assessed the availability of groundwater resources by conducting an investigation into viable groundwater wells in and around the City.

Landau Associates evaluated potential pumping and observation wells for appropriateness, construction, and location. Once wells were selected, Landau Associates designed the aquifer test and monitoring plan and quantified potential pumping impacts. 

24-hour and 8-hour constant rate pumping tests were directed, implemented, and overseen by Landau Associates staff. This included oversight of pressure transducer, data logger, pump installation, set up of timing of measurements, water discharge, and planning for field checks on system operations. Landau Associates conducted technical analysis of the aquifer test data, and made recommendations for developing an emergency groundwater supply.