Agricultural Client Water Systems Design and Permitting

(Okanogan County, WA)  Landau Associates has provided water resources services to assist a large orchard owner in Okanogan County with the design, permitting, and annual reporting for a number of small water systems that service temporary worker housing. Staff has provided assistance with water right assessments for several camps, provided hydrogeological assessment and engineering design services in support of new source approvals for both new and existing water systems in accordance with Washington State Department of Health guidelines, and have assisted with annual reporting requirements for a number of Group A and Group B water systems with the State and County Departments of Health. Services provided in support of new source approvals include completion of a groundwater susceptibility assessment survey; providing hydrogeologic assessment of the proposed new sources, including an evaluation of groundwater under the influence of surface water; oversight and evaluation of water quality sampling and pumping tests; delineation of the sanitary control area and implementation of protective covenants; and completion of a water rights self assessment. Landau Associates staff also evaluated overall water demand and annual consumptive use to support water system design and acquisition of additional water rights. Technical support was also provided during the design and permitting of onsite sewer systems for several of the housing camps. The engineering and permitting support provided by Landau Associates helped ensure that temporary worker housing would remain available; a critical element of maintaining a stable work force for farming operations.