Permitting & Compliance

Landau Associates provides scientific and strategic assistance in complying with environmental regulations and the protection of natural habitats and critical and sensitive areas, including fish, wildlife, wetlands, waterways, and floodplains. Our goal is to balance the needs of development with nature in ways that enhance both.

  • Air quality permitting
  • Biological assessments and evaluations
  • Critical and sensitive areas studies
  • Fish and wildlife habitat assessment
  • Fisheries and aquatic biomonitoring/bioassessment
  • Tree/forest assessment
  • Mobile source air quality and acoustic services
  • Regulatory compliance
    • Endangered Species Act
    • Growth Management Act
    • National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) and State Environmental Policy Act (SEPA)
    • Shoreline Management Act
    • Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) support
  • Stream, riparian, and floodplain enhancement and restoration
  • Wetland delineation, mitigation, and restoration