WSU Riverpoint Campus (SIRTI)

(Spokane, WA) Landau Associates has provided engineering and environmental consulting services to WSU and the Spokane Intercollegiate Research and Technology Institute (SIRTI) in support of ongoing development of the Spokane Riverpoint Campus since 1992. Due to historical industrial uses of the campus site since the early 1900s, portions of the property, located immediately east of downtown Spokane, contain elevated levels of metals and polynuclear aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs) in fill soil. Landau Associates has provided assistance to WSU and SIRTI in characterizing site conditions and developing remedial actions and cleanup options that comply with MTCA cleanup regulations and can be incorporated into campus development as buildout occurs.  Our activities completed at the campus include:

  • Engineering, environmental remediation, and construction management services during design and construction of the SIRTI complex. The five-acre site was used in the early 1900s for disposal of incinerator ash from the burning of municipal solid waste. Following investigation of the site, Landau Associates completed a MTCA focused feasibility study that recommended ash excavation and containment in a manner compatible with site redevelopment. The selected remedial alternative for the site, submitted to and approved by Ecology, consisted of construction of a containment cell within the former Milwaukee Railroad Trench to store excess contaminated soil and ash fill generated during site work for the SIRTI building, and placement of a geotextile marker at the building site where remaining surface soils contained elevated levels of lead above risk-based cleanup levels. The containment cell design included a geomembrane cap with an under drain system and surface water collection components. Landau Associates prepared the design plans and specifications and monitored excavation and placement activities during construction to document the extent of buried ash and to direct proper disposition of excavated material. The selected remedial action resulted in considerable cost savings and allowed the project to move forward to completion in a manner that was protective of human health and the environment.
  • Environmental and engineering consulting services to WSU during construction of the Health Science Building and the Academic Center at the Riverpoint Campus. The building sites are located within areas where previous environmental impacts had been documented. Landau Associates completed environmental investigations of each building site to assess existing conditions and presented alternatives for cleanup that included options for incorporating institutional controls and site development options into site development. We also provided oversight during site preparation, monitored soil excavation, and removal activities in order to minimize offsite disposal of soil, and provided regulatory consultation and reporting during completion of construction activities. As a result of these activities, Ecology issued a determination of no further action for each of the sites
  • Environmental consulting services to WSU during expansion of the South Riverpoint Campus. WSU planned to develop additional parking in the south campus area to support the newly constructed Health Sciences Building. Due to past industrial uses of this portion of the property, Landau Associates conducted an environmental site characterization and assessed remedial alternatives and how they could be incorporated into site development plans. The remedial action incorporated excavation of impacted soil, removal of underground storage tanks encountered during construction, removal of free product from the groundwater surface, and on-site containment of impacted soil. The excavated material was screened to reduce disposal costs, and the remaining rock was utilized on site during future campus construction projects. An asphalt parking lot was constructed over the remaining contaminated soil as an interim action to contain the material and prevent direct human contact, and a stormwater management system was developed to rout runoff to infiltration areas located where clean soil was present. We worked closely with Ecology to develop interim measures protective of human health and the environment that could be implemented in conjunction with accelerated construction schedules.
  • Engineering, environmental, and construction management services to WSU for partial removal of the containment cell to facilitate contruction of a new Biomedical Building at the Riverpoint Campus. The containment cell was located within an urban campus, which required that methods and procedures used to complete the removal did not generate off-site exposure to contaminated soil. Landau Associates prepared the engineering design report, contruction plans and specifications, and site health and safety plan, and also provided construction oversight and documentation during removal activities. We also prepared the final completion report for submittal to Ecology.

Work at the WSU/SIRTI complex continues, as the complex expands to meet the higher education needs of Washington and the greater Spokane area.