Fish Processing Plant Wastewater Treatment System

(Hoquiam, WA)  Landau Associates designed an upgraded process for treatment of industrial wastewater from a fish meal production plant in Hoquiam, Washington to allow it to discharge its waste to the Hoquiam Publicly-Owned Treatment Works (POTW). The application to discharge to the POTW was necessitated by the pending closure of the nearby Grays Harbor Paper Company, which operated the industrial wastewater treatment facility where the fish processing plant originally discharged its waste. The upgraded process featured use of an air stripping and absorption system as final stage treatment for wastewater for removal of ammonia. To support the application to discharge to the POTW, we conducted analytical evaluation of the plant’s wastewater flows and characteristics over a two year period, assessed options for effectively treating the waste stream, developed waste removal processes, conducted pilot testing, and prepared an Engineering Design Report (EDR) to document the recommended modifications to bring wastewater characteristics into compliance for ultimate discharge to the POTW. This assured the continued operation of the fish processing plant and management of its wastewater into the future.