CenturyLink Field North Lot Development

(Seattle, WA)  Stadium Place, at the southeast corner of S King Street and Occidental Avenue S in Seattle, is the first phase of substantial mixed-use development planned for the CenturyLink Field North Lot property. Landau Associates provided environmental services to support the acquisition of the approximate 3.85-acre North Lot property from King County. The property had been a parking lot since the 1970s for the adjacent stadiums and area businesses, but had originally been developed in the late 1890s and early 1900s by filling of former tide flats of Elliott Bay. The property was operated as a rail yard and later included two gasoline service stations until the 1960s. Our services to the developers have included:

  • Environmental due diligence (i.e., Phase I Environmental Site Assessment [ESA]) that included review of relevant historical and regulatory information for the property and surrounding area
  • Initial focused Phase II soil and groundwater sampling and analysis to address data gaps identified during the Phase I ESA
  • Supplemental soil, soil vapor, and groundwater sampling and analysis to complete a MTCA Remedial Investigation and Feasibility Study (RI/FS) and the Cleanup Action Plan (CAP)
  • Construction support and oversight of the remedial action, which included focused excavation and off-site disposal of gasoline-contaminated soil.

The RI/FS and draft CAP was completed under the Ecology Voluntary Cleanup Program (VCP). The final CAP and the Cleanup Action was conducted under a Prospective Purchaser Agreement/Consent Decree (PPA/CD). Because the property was in use as a parking lot for Stadium events and the local business community, close coordination with the county and the parking lot management company has been required to limit disruption to site operations.

Landau Associates is working with North Lot Development/Daniels Real Estate (NLD/DRE) to complete the remedial action required by the CAP for the west parcel of the property, and is supporting negotiations with NLD/DRE’s development partner for pending construction on the east parcel of the property.

Our current work includes revisions to the FS, CAP, and CD to support changes in the development plan for the east parcel, and planning for the associated remedial action, and long-term groundwater compliance monitoring.

Photo 2: Daniels Real Estate