South Kitsap Industrial Area

(Bremerton, WA)  Landau Associates was a member of the consultant team that prepared the City of Bremerton’s South Kitsap Industrial Area (SKIA) Comprehensive Master Plan, Planned Action EIS, and Subarea Plan, an integrated State Environmental Protection Act (SEPA)/Growth Management Act (GMA) process for environmental review and evaluation of alternatives related to planned development within the designated planned action area. SKIA is an area of approximately 3,590 acres in south central Kitsap County, Washington. The City’s key project objectives included economic development and job creation, protection of natural systems, reductions in greenhouse gas emissions, increased sustainability, and development of innovative and sustainable infrastructure. The project was funded by a U.S. Environmental Protection Agency Climate Showcase Communities grant.

As authors of the Natural Environment subsection, we conducted analyses of Earth (geological hazard areas), Water Recharge Supply (wetlands and streams), and Plants and Animals (habitat, threatened and endangered species). Landau Associates also assisted in development of regulations associated with the subarea plan in support of wildlife corridors, critical area protection, and sustainable development.