Corliss Critical Areas

(Pierce County and Sumner, WA)  Landau Associates provided phased habitat planning services to Corliss Resources at a site comprised of three parcels – two in Pierce County and one in the City of Sumner – that had been logged under a Washington State Department of Natural Resources Forest Practices Permit that placed a moratorium on the site for other uses.

During the first phase of the project, we conducted a site reconnaissance to evaluate wetlands, other critical areas, and potential fish and wildlife habitat on the site. The documented findings defined the requirements for the project’s second phase.

The second phase was completed by an interdisciplinary team of Landau Associates habitat, forestry, and wetland professionals, and included preparation of a habitat management plan to protect the fish and wildlife habitat at the site through actions such as stream buffer maintenance and limitation of chemical pesticides and fertilizers; design of a reforestation plan to return the site to forestry use to comply with Pierce County regulations; delineation of one natural wetland; and preparation of an affidavit to Pierce County regarding a constructed wetland on the site.

Working closely with the site engineer, we prepared recommendations for improving the existing wetland buffer and wetland functions and values by providing a steady hydrology and clean treated water from the stormwater treatment system. This interdisciplinary collaboration led to substantial progress in the process of lifting the moratorium on the site. The project is currently being reviewed by the Pierce County Hearing Examiner. Services undertaken at the site by Landau Associates will help provide protection to sensitive areas, provide additional habitat through the reforestation plan, and will permit the property owners to continue operations on the site.