Burbank Business Park

(Walla Walla County, WA)  The Port of Walla Walla (Port) is developing an 87-lot business park designated for industrial and commercial use in the Burbank community located within Walla Walla County, Washington. The business park is being completed in multiple phases and includes the development of the associated infrastructure that will be required to service the development, including a water system, sewer collection and conveyance system, and a roadway network. Landau Associates has provided the Port with natural resources and geotechnical consultation services in support of the project.

Landau Associates prepared environmental documentation, including a National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) Environmental Assessment and a State Environmental Policy Act (SEPA) Environmental Checklist, for the development of a water system that will provide drinking water to customers within the business park and, potentially, other wholesale customers including the Columbia School District, other water districts, and/or nearby recreational areas. The water system included water treatment components, a storage reservoir, and a distribution system.

Landau Associates prepared individual SEPA Environmental Checklists to determine the environmental impacts of an interlocal agreement between the Port and the City of Pasco (City), and to evaluate the environmental impacts associated with approval of a binding site plan and the construction of a wastewater collection and conveyance system to transport wastewater from the proposed business park to the City’s wastewater treatment plant via a sewer line crossing underneath the Snake River. The interlocal agreement, once executed, will allow the Port to purchase wastewater treatment capacity from the City and will ultimately allow the City to provide wastewater treatment and disposal services to the Port’s Burbank Development Project. As part of these efforts, we evaluated potential impacts associated with initial infrastructure development within the business park, including construction of proposed roadways, surface drainage features, lot division, and drinking water and wastewater conveyance components. In addition, the review will evaluate environmental impacts associated with the construction of the proposed sewer line crossing underneath the Snake River. The sewer line will be installed using directional drill techniques.

The Port has also requested that Landau Associates complete a construction dewatering evaluation for the proposed sewer line and lift station excavations associated with the Burbank Development project.